Hubbard’s Hills

Wow! What a fantastic day we have had – the weather was perfect for an action packed day at Hubbard’s Hills!

Raft building…

Then it was time for some sports activities and a teddy bears picnic.

We loved exploring the grounds of Hubbard’s Hills on our mini welly walk…

We all loved the ice creams too!

Storytime 📚The Gruffalo

Then it was time for raft launching… would they make it down the rapids?

We all had a fantastic day, thank you to all of the adults who came along to help – we loved your enthusiasm and these trips would not be possible without your support. Thank you from all of the Foundation Stage team.


Sports Day

What a great afternoon we had for our Foundation Stage Sports Day, the weather was great and the children all had a fantastic time demonstrating their skills and celebrating each other’s success! We are very proud of all of our Nursery and Reception children.

Well done Foundation Stage.



Children in Nursery and Reception have enjoyed sharing their holiday and family news with the staff and children in school. Some children were amazed that we could see photographs of them exploring outside of school in their learning journal on Tapestry.

Thank you to all of those parents who have uploaded photographs and information onto Tapestry, if you have any other learning experiences or achievements to tell us about, why not upload them straight onto Tapestry?

For guidance on how to use Tapestry, please see our school website for step by step guides or ask a member of the Foundation Stage team.


Thank you!

We would like to say thank you to Mr and Mrs Gregory and family for their hard work in our Foundation Stage garden. Our gardens were quickly transformed last week and we now have some plants in our tubs and marigolds in the flower beds!

A special thanks also goes to Mrs Morriss for her help and to Mrs Morriss’s Dad for the donation of plants – thank you to everyone who has helped to make our outdoor area an even better place to learn!



Fairy Dens

Over the past couple of weeks the children have turned our wildlife area into a ‘Fairy Garden’. We have seen some wonderful creations.

Last week children were busy building fairy dens and telling imaginative stories and this week the children have been dressing up, making their own fairies and generally being very creative!


Guinea Pigs

The children have enjoyed having Chocolate and Ginger in the outdoor area this week. We had a slight problem on Wednesday when Chocolate escaped so the children decided to build a new run for the guinea pigs.

The girls enjoyed lots of attention and ☀️


May Afternoon Welly Walk

The sun shone and we crossed over the Trit Trot bridge ( No troll!) and followed the footpath underneath the trees. It was so shady that Mrs Fisher and Alfie had to take off their sunglasses! 

We walked down the lane and crossed the stile onto the cricket pitch. 

Next we climbed over another stile and walked through some lovely, long, luscious grass!  

The grass was really tall…almost as tall as some of the children! 

We crossed another bridge and saw a toad sitting at the edge of the water. 

Sadly there was some pieces of plastic in the stream too ☹️

We walked beneath the trees and listened to the birds singing. We came out in the Churchyard

We walked back to school along Tinkle Street.

What a lovely walk! ☀️