Weather Forecasting 🌨❄️☀️🌈

We have been keeping an eye on the local and regional weather forecast this term. 

This week in Grimoldby it is mostly cloudy with some sunny spells.

As we looked at the weather for next week, the children were very excited  to see the rain/sun weather symbol as they thought we might see a rainbow 🌈

The children have also been in the role play weather forecasting studio, they have remembered lots of the vocabulary associated with the weather.


Problem Solving

We have been working hard to develop our problem solving skills. Lots of children were keen to help arrange the welly Walks groups. Children were able to confidently share out children into groups of 3, some children were in groups of 2 if the total number of children attending a Welly walk wouldn’t share into groups of 3. 

One Duck Stuck

We really enjoyed sharing this story in class, we found lots of rhyming words and then Charlie and Amber went on to work out how many animals had helped the duck?

Firstly they ordered the cards 1-10 and then started counting all of the animals, 2 fish, 3 moose, 4 crickets etc…. can you remember how many animals helped the duck?

We have heard some fantastic mathematical discussions over the past couple of weeks – keep it up children!


Welly Walking in April 

Our first Welly Walk in the new term. We had hoped for sun but it has been a week of very mixed weather; sun, rain, hail, thunder and even a rainbow! This afternoon it was showery and as we set off there were grey clouds overhead. Luckily it cleared and by the time we arrived in the field it had almost stopped raining. 

We found that the field had really changed! The grass has grown tall and looks very juicy. 

The farmer is growing grass to feed the cows next winter. It is called silage.

As we walked a bit further along the edge of the field we saw some cows. They were still living in the crew yard at the farm. 

When we reached the lane there were lots of puddles to walk in. We saw lots of new leaves on the trees and hedges. They were bright green and new. We noticed lots of changes since our last Welly Walk. 


Meeting the animals 🐥🐑🐇

As part of our learning about ‘New life and Spring time’, we had some surprise visitors in school on Wednesday 29th March. The ladies from Rushmoor came along with 2 lambs, 2 baby rabbits and 4 chicks. We all had the chance to stroke the animals and feed the lambs, they were very hungry!

We asked Julia and Becky lots of questions about the animals, here are some of them…

Lambs –

Q: Where do they live at Rushmoor?

In a lamb pen about the same size as this room. When they were born they had a heat lamp to keep them warm, now they have lots of straw and hay to eat. 

Chicks –

Q: Where do they sleep?

In a place called the hatchery, they have a nice big pen with a heat lamp to help keep them nice and warm.

We also found out what a baby rabbit is called… Do you know what a baby rabbit is called?

A baby rabbit is called a kitten.



We have been learning all about Fairtrade.

Mrs Forsyth made some biscuits using fairtrade sugar she told the children that she would be selling them for 2p unfortunately none of the children had brought any money to school! 

It was agreed that if the children worked really hard then they would be paid wages and then they could buy their biscuit. 

Later Mrs McDowall, Mrs Fisher, Miss Mountain and Mrs Brown handed out the wages. As the children went to buy their buscuit they discovered a problem… some children had only been paid 1p and some had been paid 2p. That didn’t seem fair and a solution had to be found. 

Fair wages for hard work! Everyone was paid fairly so they had enough money to buy their buscuit! 

While the children ate their buscuit they watched a clip from the Fairtrade website

They found out all about bananas and how they are grown and how they are brought to our shops from far away. The farmers that grow them work very hard and need to be paid fairly so they can buy food for their families. 

We looked at lots of Fairtrade goods- including chocolate! 

Look out for the Fairtrade mark when you are shopping. Perhaps you could let us know if you find any via Tapestry ? 


Welly Walking, 

Two Welly Walks this week… the first on Monday afternoon. There were grey clouds approaching but we set off bravely! We  talked about Spring showers and how important the rain is to help plants, trees and flowers grow. As we set off through the tree tunnel down came the rain! In fact it even hailed! Luckily we were partially sheltered by the trees! 

On Wednesday the weather was much kinder to us and we enjoyed Spring sunshine!

Look at all the signs of Spring that we found!

We crossed the “Trit Trot ” bridge and entered the shelter of the tree tunnel. Listening carefully here we heard birds singing beautifully! 

We are looking forward to our next walk and seeing if Spring has “sprung” some more! 

Thank you so much to our adult helpers – we couldn’t do it without you !

Lots of mud to walk in and create footprints. Lots of puddles to wash our wellies afterwards! 


Looking  carefully some of the children spotted a bee on the ground!
Take care! Don’t stand on it!